Open Source Software

Open source software is an amazing application for installation in info kiosk. It can be used by businesses of all kinds and activities and it can be developed according to their own particular needs. It is a software built on wordpress platform and has as home page-menu an interface that looks structurally with the windows 8 & 10 tablet mode. It is completely easy to use via touch screens with unique page switching effect and, of course, inexhaustible regarding the installation of widgets to perform each function. Touchsmart's open source software can visualize any kind of multimedia file, such as videos, pictures and pdf document imaging, etc. Inside the touchsmart's open source software can also be installed surveys, οr interactive 3D map as well as many other applications. Characteristics of open-source software: Dynamic content, fully manageable by you. Ability to install unlimited widgets. Design environment-interface familiar to most users. Touch friendly. Installation in info kiosk. Supported by smartphones. Low acquisition cost.